Episode 278

6 Ways to Avoid Color Mistakes, Whole Home Power, Concrete Lifting and More!

On Today's Episode

Today is all about fixing problems and dealing with (and avoiding) mistakes!

6 Ways to Avoid Color Mistakes [00:00 - 18:58]

Unfortunately, we have all made mistakes when choosing paint colors, the good news is there are simple ways to avoid that! We have 6 lessons that everyone can benefit from. 

Standby Generators: Whole Home Power [18:58 - 28:37]

Dan and Hailey are joined by Zack Krieger from Ayers Basement Systems to discuss whole home power in the event of a power outage.

Concrete Lifting and So Much More! [28:37 - 39:28]

Ayers Basement Systems offers more than basement  waterproofing solutions. They offer everything from concrete lifting and insulation to plumbing and electrical services!

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