Episode 340

A Tribute to Dave

On Today's Episode

This episode is all about Dave Altena, the second-generation president of RepcoLite Paints, who recently passed away. Dave's son, Dan, the current president of the company, interviewed with his dad three weeks before he passed away.

The interview provides insights into the origins of the family-owned and operated business, their journey of navigating the industry, their ambition to be the best, the success of their products, and the long-standing tradition of old-fashioned service.

The episode emphasizes the value and role of direct interaction with their customers in their longevity and success despite the increased digitalization and other changes in the retail industry.


00:01 Introduction and New Year Wishes

01:57 Remembering Dave Altena

03:00 Interview with Dave Altena: The Early Days of Repcolite

06:33 The Evolution of Repcolite and the Paint Industry

14:49 Memories of Working at Repcolite

16:47 Reflections on Company Longevity and Employee Dedication

17:47 The Challenges and Rewards of Retirement

18:21 The Importance of Embracing Change in Business

28:54 The Origin and Evolution of the Company's Name

35:31 The Legacy and Impact of the Company's Products

38:21 Final Thoughts and Appreciation

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