Episode 300

Amps, Gauge, and Finding the Right Extension Cord; Faking It With Paint; Laser Levels--You NEED One!

On Today's Episode

It's our 300th Episode and we're kicking back and celebrating!

300 Episodes [00:00 - 07:25]

We make a correction to our Chicken Conversation from last week and talk about the fun we've had making 300 episodes!

Extension Cords [07:26 - 18:59]

Getting the right extension cord is a big deal! In this segment, we talk about everything you need to know to make the right choice.

Powering 15 amp tools for 25 feet? Go with a 14 gauge cord

Powering 15 amp tools for 50 feet? Go with a 12 gauge cord

Powering 15 amp tools for 100 feet? Go with a 10 gauge cord

Some Resources:

RepcoLite Rewind: Painting Your Cabinets [19:00 - 29:45]

This segment for our Detroit listeners comes from Episode 220.

Faking It With Paint [29:46 - 42:39]

Paint can cover your walls with color . . . but you can do a lot of other creative things using just a small amount of paint! We talk about using paint to create wainscoting, "big" trim, "wallpapered" walls and more.

Laser Levels and Why You Need One! [42:39 - 50:12]

In the projects we talked about in the last segment, a tool that will simplify your work dramatically is a laser level. We talk about a number of different projects where a laser level is a must have!

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