Episode 274

Avoiding Paint Spills, Summer Project Blues (and Hope), Before Toilet Paper

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Summer's winding down and as we look back to our big DIY hopes and dreams in the Spring, we're feeling a little bummed about how little we actually accomplished. We'll talk about what went wrong, how to correct it, and why it's not so bad. We'll also talk about cleaning and avoiding paint spills. And finally, after a year of waiting, Hailey can finally do her toilet paper topic!

Avoiding (and Cleaning) Paint Spills [00:00 - 07:22]

During an annual RepcoLite cookout Dan sprung into action when he noticed paint leaking from a van! We discuss how to avoid paint spills when transporting paint and the best ways to clean up a paint spill so YOU can be a paint spill hero like Dan!

Summer Project Blues (and Hope) [07:23 - 32:06]

We had high hopes for accomplishing projects this Summer and now that we are nearing the end…depression has set in as we realize we are nowhere near where we hoped. After commisterating, we go through a list of helpful tips on how to get back on track.

What Did We Do Before Toilet Paper? [32:07 - 39:25]

Hailey pitched a topic to Dan about a year ago and he has finally come around to the idea; What did we do before toilet paper? We go through the absolutely ridiculous list of what people used before toilet paper and it is sure to surprise you.

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