Episode 225: Rotting Lunchbox Story, Fireplace Makeover, Window Treatment Bloopers


SEGMENT 1: Rotting Lunchbox Story

I am sure now is the time we are going through school supplies, backpacks and lunch boxes to sort the chaos that came home the last day of school.  Some of us may be discovering there was a lunch box with a truly disgusting surprise. If you find yourself in that situation...there are some tools that might save the day.

SEGMENTS 2 and 3: Fireplace Makeover

Painting a brick fireplace is a big commitment but it also makes a giant impact on a space. We have talked about projects like this in the past so we decided to tackle it ourselves and LOVE the results. Tune in to hear about what we learned after we started painting and what tools you need to avoid our mistakes.

SEGMENT 4: Window Treatment Bloopers

Judy Cisler from Gotcha Covered custom window treatments joins us in the studio to discuss some famous mistakes people have made when buying window coverings. They are fun to hear about but not so fun to experience. Learn what not to do next time you shop.

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