Episode 233: Failure--Backing Out and Pressing On

This episode, we explore the concept of failure. So often we fear it and do everything to avoid it . . . but it's part of life! And it's part of every great endeavor. But, not every instance of failure or complication we encounter should be handled in exactly the same way....

SEGMENT 1: Backing out of Color Mistakes

When choosing colors, most of us put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into making the right choice! But even then . . . sometimes when we roll the new paint onto the walls, we wonder if we've made the right call! If you've ever been in that situation and have worried you made the wrong "color call" . . . here are a few considerations:

FIRST: Colors change as they dry down — sometimes dramatically - so give the paint time to dry before you react too quickly!

SECOND: Colors are affected by our surroundings! If the wall is a different color, and you view the new color framed with that older color, your impression of your new color may not be accurate at all. You may need to paint an entire section, covering up that old color entirely, before you're able to judge the color accurately.

THIRD: If you know you just picked the wrong color, here's what we can do in the paint store to help:

  • Tinted paint CAN be changed, but only in limited degrees. However, if your color is close, but just leans "too gray" or "too green", "too yellow" or "too pink", then usually we can adjust it to an acceptable hue.
  • We can also deepen the color to some extent, but the amount of change we can affect is limited by the base used for the original color and the colorant already present in the mix.
  • Finally, lightening colors is very limited.

The best course of action is to reach out to any RepcoLite or Port City Paints and talk through the situation.

FOURTH: There’s nothing better than avoiding a problem in the first place

  • Benjamin Moore Sample pints
  • Paint it in your home
  • View it in your lighting!
  • Make sure you got it right
  • RepcoLite's Color Consultants
  • In-home visits for $50/hour
  • Free in-store consultations

SEGMENTS 2 and 3: Tragedy, Failure, and the History of The Telegraph

With almost all invention, the road from concept to reality, is usually bumpy! The history of the invention of the telegraph is no different. But there are great lessons tucked inside the story!

SEGMENT 4: A New Take on Feature Walls

We can't focus on failures the whole episode! Now it's time to jump into a project that really caught our eye over the last couple weeks: feature walls done not with just paint or wallpaper . . . but with wood strips. It's a great project, a simple project, and can have a tremendous amount of impact in your space!

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