Episode 235: The Best Leaf Tarp, 10 Minutes with your Refrigerator, Hailey's Monumental Bathroom Re-do

Segment 1: The Best Leaf Tarp

When you have a lot of leaves to deal with in the fall, you get creative! You look for new solutions everywhere. Well, I stumbled into what I think is the best leaf tarp out there. And it's actually a dump truck tarp. We'll tell you why we like it so much.

Segment 2: 10 Minutes with Your Refrigerator

Our refrigerators don't ask for much! But one thing we can do to possibly extend their life is to periodically clean the condenser coils. We'll tell you how (and the good news is it's quick!)

Segments 3 and 4: Hailey's Monumental Bathroom Re-do

Hailey's cat, Berger, couldn't get to his litter box the other day . . . and two weeks later, Hailey had a brand new bathroom. We'll talk about all the crazy steps in between!

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