Episode 256

Reviving Your Hardwood Floors

SEGMENT 1: Chicken Trouble!

The chickens across the street from Hailey got out the other day. At first, it was cute. But then, she found that they had The Hunger. Before she really knew what was happening, they were running around, eating road kill, and . . . Well, she'll tell the story. We also highlight the Wooster Sherlock 9" Roller Frame which is on sale through April.

SEGMENT 2: Good Earth Tree Care

Brett Nelson from Good Earth Tree Care joins us to talk about rock climbing, pruning, tree removal, and a wide variety of ways to tell if a tree or branch is unhealthy.

SEGMENT 3: Luxury Vinyl Plank

Nick Sargent from Johnson Carpet One in Grandville joins us to talk about one of the most popular and versatile flooring products out there.

SEGMENT 4: Reviving Old Hardwood Floors

Luxury Vinyl Plank is a beautiful option for many of us, but there's still nothing like hardwood. If you've got old floors and you're interested in bringing out their natural beauty, we can help!

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