Episode 276

FV Sensors, Decorating with Vintage Finds, Our Contest Winners Announced

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Who would have thought painting your floor could leave you without hot water! We'll explain how that could happen. We'll also be talking with Lauren Figueroa about decorating with vintage finds (and how to find them). And of course, we'll be listing off the 10 winners of our paint contest and launching Phase 2!

FV Sensors [00:00 - 8:45]

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We were made aware of an interesting painting experience that resulted in a loss of hot water! It led us on an interesting search where we discovered something we hadn't been aware of regarding water heaters.

Turns out, since 2003, most gas water heaters are equipped with a safety feature called an Flammable Vapor (FV) sensor. And when these (sometimes finicky) gadgets detect what they think are dangerous fumes, they'll shut down the whole unit.

It's a nice safety feature, but definitely something to be aware of if you've got an upcoming project in your home!

Decorating with Vintage Finds (and how to find them!) [8:46 - 28:58]

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If you haven't gone searching for vintage decor, furniture, rugs, accessories for your home, you're missing out on an amazing experience! Not only can you save money, take the materials you buy home with you (rather than wait for 7 months while they're constructed) . . . but you also get to experience the "joy of the hunt!".

Interior Designer Lauren Figueroa chats with us about her article in the September/October issue of Grand Rapids Magazine.

The Big Winners [28:59 - 39:29]

Don't just listen! Watch the segment on YouTube!

We've selected winners for our Big Paint Giveaway contest and now we're ready to name names and launch Phase 2! Tune in to find out if you won . . . and even if you didn't, we'll tell you about another way you can take home a prize!

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