Episode 345

Goodbye Water Stains; Designing with Complimentary Color Schemes; and the Kenmore PM2010 Air Purifier

On Today's Episode

This week Dan and Hailey talk about one of the big Problem Solvers in the paint world: stain blocking primers. You may not know about them . . . but they can save you from a lot of frustration!

They also discuss the benefits and practical ways to implement Complimentary Color Schemes in your home design to achieve a dynamic, harmonious look. They offer advice on how to avoid common pitfalls and keep the design subtle yet impactful, ensuring it fits well with the rest of your home.

Finally, they focus on Hailey's recent experience with her newly purchased Kenmore air purifier, its benefits for indoor air quality, and its impact on allergies.

A Stain Blocking Primer That Works! [00:00 - 06:56]

Dan and Hailey talk about RepcoLite's Zip Prime, a stain-blocking primer that's ideal for addressing smoke damage, water stains, or tannin stains in wood. They also address the changes in Michigan VOC regulations and explain why Zip Prime is one of the only options out there for people who want an old-fashioned, traditional stain-blocker that works everytime.

Keys to Great Design: Complimentary Color Schemes [06:57 - 33:53]

In these segments, Hailey dissects the concept of color schemes as a part of color theory and describes how these can affect the atmosphere of a room. She gives detailed advice on how to make color choices less daunting, with a focus on using complementary colors. Examples from the color wheel are presented to better understand how these combinations work. The advantages of using color schemes, particularly complementary ones, are highlighted. Visual fatigue, room dynamics, space definition, and color harmony with adjoining rooms are among the important aspects discussed.

Hailey uses her personal experience and professional expertise to give practical tips on successfully incorporating these schemes into home design, emphasizing the importance of color saturation, determining the main and accent colors, and considering the appearance of the entire house. In addition to discussion, visual aids for these color schemes are promised to be shared on the show's social media platforms. Dan's just here for looks.

Clearing the Air with the Kenmore PM2010 [33:53 - 39:22]

In this segment, Dan and Hailey discuss the importance of indoor air quality and the use of air purifiers. Hailey shares her positive experience with her Kenmore PM2010 air purifier which she uses to combat dust, mold, pet dander, and cooking fumes that can contribute to allergies. She explains that, with the purifier at work, she has noticed a significant improvement in the air quality in her home.


00:01 Introduction and Apology to Tessa

02:41 Introduction to Today's Topics

03:22 Discussion on Zip Prime

06:56 Introduction to Color Theory

11:56 The Benefits of Complementary Color Schemes

19:24 The Art of Using Opposite Colors

20:38 Understanding Saturation and Its Role in Color Selection

21:32 How to Desaturate Colors for Better Design

25:45 Choosing the Star and Supporting Characters in Your Color Scheme

26:23 Applying Complementary Color Schemes in Your Home

33:55 The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

34:10 The Benefits of an Air Purifier

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