Episode 354

A Creativity Boost; A Deep Dive into Exterior Stains; Dealing with Shedding Pets

This episode covers the introduction of Woodluxe, a new exterior stain from Benjamin Moore, ideal for wood exteriors such as siding, fences, and decks.

Also, Dan talks about how the winter blues are impacting his creativity and productivity at home and work. However, a recent visit to Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park turned out to be the medicine he needed!

The episode also addresses dealing with pet shedding, particularly for owners of high-shed breeds like Golden Retrievers. Anna from Petcuts Grooming in Zeeland offers expert advice on managing shedding and the importance of regular grooming for pet health and spotting potential health issues.

00:00 Welcome to the RepcoLite Home Improvement Show!

01:46 Battling the Winter Blues with Creativity

03:45 A Refreshing Visit to Frederik Meijer Gardens

08:00 Maximizing Your Visit

08:46 On the Road: Discussing Woodluxe with Kevin Herman

10:16 Understanding Woodluxe: A Deep Dive into Exterior Stains

18:40 Application Tips for Woodluxe Exterior Stain

19:58 Choosing Between Oil and Water-Based Stains

20:53 The Benefits of Oil-Based Stains in Extreme Weather

21:33 Deck Maintenance: Prepping and Choosing the Right Stain

23:59 Advanced Deck Prep: Using the On Floor Machine for Sanding

26:10 Recoating and Maintenance Tips for Your Deck

29:59 Pet Grooming Tips: Managing Shedding at Home

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