Episode 353

Lead Paint, Beekeeping, Steel Doors, and More!

On this episode of the Repcolite Home Improvement Show, Dan and Hailey revisit a favorite episode from the past.

They discuss a variety of topics including handling lead paint in older homes, the intricacies of beekeeping as a hobby, and offering detailed advice on repainting steel doors, particularly the steps involved in dealing with peeling paint.

00:00 Kicking Off with a Rerun Announcement

01:45 Diving into Haley's Home Improvement Journey

09:08 Exploring the Intricacies of Beekeeping

18:45 The Practical Challenges of Beekeeping

21:51 Navigating Beekeeping Challenges

22:17 Choosing Between Package Bees and Nucs

23:14 The Importance of Local Beekeeping Knowledge

25:24 A Dive into Bee Society: Roles and Lifespans

27:28 Understanding Bee Jobs and Hive Maintenance

30:02 Getting Started with Beekeeping: Costs and Considerations

32:09 Transition to Painting Projects: Prepping and Painting Doors

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