Episode 328

A Toy Story: Decluttering and Reclaiming the Play Room

On Today's Episode

Garage Paint Conundrum [00:00 - 04:02]

When painting the inside of the garage, what do you use? Interior paint or exterior paint? The answer may surprise you!

A Toy Story: Decluttering and Reclaiming the Play Room [04:02 - 18:58]

When you have children . . . the toy room can become crowded and then overcrowded in a crazy short amount of time! We've found a great article written by Elle Penner that you should check out!

The Big Fall List, Part 2 [18:59 - 29:17]

Fall is settling in and it's important to start getting your home ready! Don't put off the projects! Here are our recommended projects that should be accomplished this week:

  • Clean and Organize the Shed and/or Garage
  • Take stock of your rakes and shovels--get more now if you need them!
  • Check the leaf blower and make sure it's working
  • Check the snowblower and make sure it's working. If not, you've still got time to fix it or get it fixed!

Our Color of the Year Predictions [29:17 - 39:26]

On October 11, Benjamin Moore will reveal their prediction for the 2024 Color of the Year. We beat them to it with our predictions . . . .

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