Episode 271

ACT Garage Floor Cleaner Review and Restoring Rusty Patio Furniture

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It's a project-focused episode this week. Hailey is converting her 100 year-old garage into an art studio and needed to degrease the concrete. She'll talk about what she used and whether or not it's a product she'd recommend.

Dan, on the other hand, took an old, rusty Bistro set that he bought over 20 years ago and restored it to "better-than-its-former-glory." He'll discuss the steps he went through and, more importantly, he'll talk about the temptation to skimp on the prep and how he overcame it!

While both of these projects are ridiculously specific . . . they are loaded with applications and ideas that will apply to many projects around the house.

ACT Concrete Cleaner Review [00:00 - 18:58]

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Hailey's 100 year-old-garage floor was covered with dark oil stains. So many, in fact, that she surmised that the garage had possibly been used for automotive work sometime in its long history.

With all those stains, she decided to go with a heavy-duty, industrial strength cleaner. And then, she read the warnings on the back of that degreaser and decided she wanted something less terrifying.

She settled on ACT Concrete Cleaner. It's pet-friendly, Hailey-friendly, and generally safe. But does it work? She'll let you know in her review!

Restoring Rusty Patio Furniture [18:59 - 39:28]

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Years back, Dan bought a cute little cast iron bistro set. And then he set it outside and let time have its way with it. Recently, his daughter started using the rusty, spider-infested, ivy-covered set and Dan decided it was time to restore it.

It's a simple project and very specific. Yet, it was surprising how many painting lessons he relearned or remembered along the way. Most surprising is how tempting it really is to skimp on the prep work--even when you KNOW that doing so is a bad idea.

In this segment, we talk about removing rust, prepping surfaces, painting metal, and a lot of other things along the way.

Final Notes and Thoughts

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