Episode 270

The Oxbow Incident, The Midlife Crisis, Ego Zero Turn Mower, and Ben Revisted

On Today's Episode

Today's a bit wide-ranging when it comes to topics. The whole first half of the show is about "summer school"--about continued learning and making the most of the time we have! We start with a summer learning experience Hailey jumped into at Ox-Bow in Saugatuck. From there, Dan talks about turning 50 and some of the recent experiences he's jumped into.

Then we shift gears into an in-depth review of the Ego Zero Turn Riding Lawnmower. We know someone who has one and we get his thoughts.

Finally, we wrap up with a quick look at the new and improved Ben from Benjamin Moore. It's a great, budget-friendly paint and now, with some new technology, it's even better!

Art at Ox-Bow [00:00 - 9:28]

Hailey recently took an Art class at Ox-Bow Art School & Artist in Residency in Saugatuck, Michigan. We discuss the history of Ox-Bow the campus and her experience taking a printmaking class there. 

The Mid-Life Crisis[9:29 - 18:59]

Dan has been joking about his midlife crisis after buying a motorcycle and approching the age of fifty. All jokes aside, though,  he has found navigating this crisis means learning new things and that is something we all need more of no matter what age. 

EGO Zero Turn Riding Lawnmower Review [19:00 - 33:30]

We have talked about EGO Lawn equipment on the show before but this time we are going big! Hear all about the EGO Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower and how it compares to a traditional John Deere Tractor. Is it worth the money?

Ben Revisited [33:31 - 39:29]

Benjamin Moore has recently improved their entry level paint “Ben” . We discuss those improvements and when we’d recommend choosing this product.

Final Notes and Thoughts

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