Episode 285

Avoiding Scams, Real Estate Check-In, and Our Favorite Projects

On Today's Episode

It's been a monumental week. And it all started with a very lucrative offer from Keanu Reeves....

Avoiding Scams [00:00 - 06:53]

The Holidays are rapidly approaching. And with them . . . come the scammers! Every year, these people crawl out of the woodwork with schemes and tricks, hoping to harvest information from the unsuspecting. Don't fall for it! We'll talk about a few common scams and what you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

Real Estate Check-In [06:53 - 31:40]

The housing market has been all over the place throughout the year. We started with a crazy seller's market and now, the year is ending with the advantage swinging toward the buyers! We sit down with Ginger Herman from Sue Prins Group Five-Star Real Estate Leaders to get the scoop. Whether you're a buyer or a seller (or both), this segment is crammed with great info!

Our Favorite Projects (and Why) [31:40 - 39:29]

Dan and Hailey have tackled a LOT of home projects. But in all of that work over all of those years, which project stands out for each of them as their favorite? And why?

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