Episode 284

Who's To Blame for DST?; Mouse Trapping Masterclass; and the Winners of our Giveaway!

On Today's Episode

Fall is settling in and that means a couple things for sure: the end of Daylight Saving Time for the year and a potential invasion of mice into our homes as they look for warmer digs.

Who Can We Blame for DST? [00:00 - 12:17]

We take a rambling and energetic look at select moments from the history of Daylight Saving Time. Our focus is to figure out who we can blame for it. We turn up a couple likely culprits, but find that the evidence doesn't point their direction. Fortunately, we're able to uncover the main guilty party for DST in the U.S.

Mouse Trapping Masterclass [12:18 - 26:23]

The mice are coming! Fall is digging in and that means mice and other pests will be looking for warm places to spend the winter. Is your home going to be a mouse resort? Hopefully not! But, if you do happen to find mice in your walls and running around the edges of your rooms, you need to know how to get rid of them quickly. We go through 8 tips (and a bonus tip that starts the next segment as well) that will help you deal with them if they invade your space!

The Big Winners Announced! [26:24 - 39:28]

We start this segment with a bonus mouse-trapping tip and then give away the prizes for our big contest that has been running since the middle of October!

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