Episode 298

Dormant Seeding, Budget-Friendly Paint, The Big Announcement, Decorating a Nursery

On Today's Episode

It's a banner day on the show as we get to break some breaking news....

Dormant Seeding [00:00 - 06:50]

Hailey missed the opportunity in the fall to overseed her lawn. Disappointed, she turned to the internet and discovered the concept of Dormant Seeding. If your lawn has some bare spots and you'd like to get a leg up on spring, maybe a little dormant seeding is just what's needed.


Benjamin Moore Budget-Friendly Paint [06:51 - 18:59]

Sometimes, we can convince ourselves that Benjamin Moore is the paint that you buy if you've got money to burn. Turns out, Benjamin Moore offers some great budget-friendly options. In this segment, we shine a light on just a couple of them....

REPCOLITE REWIND: Picture Rails [19:00 - 31:48]

This blast from the past for our Detroit listeners is from March 19, 2022.

The BIG Announcement [31:49 - 52:31]

We have a special guest who joins us to break some pretty big news....

Decorating a Nursery [52:32 - 1:01:55]

Decorating a nursery seems fun and exciting . . . but then, there are so many considerations to make. Before long the process becomes a chore rather than the exciting project it should be!

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