Episode 297

Watching Paint Dry, High Efficiency Wood Burners, and Killing the Winter Blues Real Good

On Today's Episode

Understanding Paint Cure [00:00 - 08:20]

Yes, we are literally doing a segment on watching paint dry. But it's important info! Paint can dry to the touch in hours or less . . . but it doesn't reach it's full durability for much longer. We've got the info that will help you make sure you're next paint project turns out beautifully.

High Efficiency Wood Burners: Tax Credit [08:21 - 18:59]

Kurt Zink, Fire Scientist from Vanderwall Brothers stops by to talk about high efficiency wood burners and a 2023 Tax Credit.

RepcoLite Rewind: Caroline's Story [19:00 - 31:18]

This time, we head back to January 2021 to talk about a friend of ours who lived through a HUGE color-selecting fiasco. Happily, there are some takeaways that can help all of us choose the right color every time.

High Efficiency Wood Burners: Practical Info [31:19 - 42:00]

Kurt Zink is back for part 2 of our interview on wood burners and this time we dig into the practical side of things. How do wood burners compare with gas? How do we know which unit is right for us? And so on!

Killing the Winter Blues (Real Good) [42:01 - 58:35]

We recorded this segment on a sunny February morning. Three hours later, we had a wonderful rain/snow mix falling down with 2 inches or more already on the ground. Perfect case in point: winter isn't done, yet! If the winter blues are dragging you down . . . we might have the fix!

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