Episode 217: A Father’s Day Story, Ladder History, The Best Tape, Saving Your Carpet

Segment 1: Happy Fathers Day!

Dan recounts some of his favorite childhood memories of his Dad and the lessons that come along with them.

Segment 2: The Unexpected History of Ladders

There are a lot of everyday tools and objects that we take for granted. We never stop to think where it all began...In the case of the Ladder its story begins in Spain, as cave paintings, that date back to 10,000 BC! We dig into the innovations as well as the 40 years of bad luck!

Segment 3: Is Painter's Tape worth it?

Taping is our least favorite part of the paint job and most masking tapes will still allow paint to bleed through. Leaving you to wonder; is it really worth it? We put 7 painters tapes to the test to find out!

Segment 4: Paint Baseboards not the Carpet

If the last segment didn’t get you hooked on tape this one is sure to. Painting baseboards can get really messy when you have carpet on the floor. Tools sold as carpet shields rarely live up to the name but we have found the magic trick that offers flawless results.

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