Episode 218: Recycling the Right Way, Common Questions, and Beautiful Lawns All Summer Long

Segment 1: Recycling the Right Way

Are you a contaminator or are you shutting down recycling plants?? There are big stakes when it comes to what we put in our recycling bins. Learn how to avoid the most common recycling mistakes!

Segment 2 & 3: Meeting the Man Behind the Chat

Peter Ogle from our online chat joins us in the studio! Peter has been manning our online chat from 8am - 9pm M-F to make sure your questions can always be answered. Today we go over some of the most common questions.

Segment 4: Beautiful Lawns All Summer Long

Dan inherited a flawless lawn when he bought his house and it's been stressful knowing how to keep it looking great. We have tips to take the guesswork out of having a healthy, beautiful lawn this summer.

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