Episode 230: Art Appreciation 101, Dealing with Grubs, Fall Painting Do's and Don'ts

Segments 1 & 2: Art Appreciation 101

ArtPrize is back for it’s 10th year! We discuss the process of viewing art and ways to create a better connection with what is in front of us. We encourage everyone to go out and enjoy the events and festivities. 

Segment 3: Dealing with Grubs

Innocent looking problems in the yard can turn out to be a whole lot of yuck. Are those brown patches of grass pointing to a bigger problem? Find out what to look for and how to fix it. 

Segment 4: Fall Painting Do's and Don'ts

Cooler weather heading into fall is a great time to finish last minute paint jobs. HOWEVER, there are still some factors to be aware of. Find out what the cooler temps mean for painting.

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