Episode 231: Escape Rooms, Unusual Trim Colors, Steam Cleaning, Removing Wallpaper

SEGMENT 1: Escape Rooms

Out of the Box Games and Toys is a gem of West Michigan! They have an AMAZING selection of unique games and toys. The Zeeland location has something extra special we needed to experience for ourselves...an Escape Room! Learn about what an escape room entails and if we made it out in time!

  • Out of the Box has 3 locations. Find them in Kentwood, Zeeland and Holland. 
  • The Zeeland Location is the only store with Escape Rooms. These rooms can hold 6-12 people depending on which room you choose. They also vary in difficulty and are friendly for a variety of ages and skill levels. 
  • Escape Rooms are designed around a theme and require you to work as a team to solve the puzzles and riddles in order to make it out.

SEGMENT 2: Unusual Trim Colors

Usually the first color that comes to mind when painting trim is "white" but we want to challenge that convention. Using a color other than white on trim can actually be the best of both worlds. We discuss when / where it makes sense.  

  • Painting trim colors other than white started to gain popularity about 5 years ago. At the time it seemed ridiculous but it's proven to be a design choice that has a lot to offer.
  • Using a color on trim can have a big design impact without overwhelming the space. This design is easiest to implement in rooms with defined starting and stopping points.
  • If you love color but also want to maximize the light in your space using white on the walls and color on the trim could be the compromise you have been looking for. 

SEGMENT 3: Steam Cleaning

Hailey has a new steamer!... That may not sound terribly exciting but you would not believe all the things you can do with Dupray's Neat Steam Cleaner. Hailey gives a full review after putting it to the test.  

  • Tested the steamer on a stove top to remove serious carbon build up, on wool upholstery to remove a black grease stain, carpet stains and more! Amazing results. 
  • Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner is extremely simple to use, stores easily, reaches 50 psi, heats to 275 degrees, comes with 10 attachments and can produce continuous steam for 50 min. 
  • Easily eliminates; dirt, grease, soap scum, stains, 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, bedbugs and mold. You can use it on; floors, furniture, toys, kitchen appliances, car interiors, grout and tiles, bathrooms and more. 

SEGMENT 4: Removing Wallpaper

Wallpaper gets a bad reputation because people believe that it is extremely difficult to remove. However, wallpaper can be easily removed if properly installed. It may be tempting but painting over wallpaper instead of stripping it can lead to problems. 

  • Stripping wallpaper is another perfect use for the Dupray Neat Steamer we discussed in the previous segment! The large paddle attachment works great and has been well reviewed for this application. 
  • If you decide to forgo the steamer here are some supplies you will need: DIF, Paper Tiger, Spray Bottle, Large Putty Knife, Hot water, Lots of towels.The most important thing is letting the DIF product and water do the work for you. Don't rush! 
  • Water based paint CAN be used over wallpaper but does have the ability to cause paper to bubble. Oil based primer is better if you do decide to go down that road. Just remember paint will make the seams of wallpaper very obvious no matter what paint you use. Once the wallpaper is painted over it is much more difficult to remove.

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