Episode 237: Holiday Cleaning Tips, Winter Prep with Ayers Basement Systems, Paint and Stain Touch-up Tips

SEGMENT 1: Holiday Cleaning Tips

The Holidays are closing in and those of us who are hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas parties are starting to pull our homes together for guests. If cleaning is a big "To-Do" on your list, we've got some tips for getting some key areas in your home sparkling!

And here are links to the cleaners we mentioned:

SEGMENTS 2 and 3: Winter Prep with Ayers Basement Systems

Is your home cold in the winter? Is the basement frigid? Do you have a dirt floor crawlspace? Would you like to save 22% on your energy bill from here on out? If you answer "yes" to any of those questions, check out this interview with Zack Krieger from Ayers Basement Systems. Zack has a ton of great info about how to make our homes more comfortable in the winter as well as a way to bring our energy bills down significantly.

SEGMENT 4: Paint and Stain Touch-Up Tips

We started the show talking about cleaning for the Holidays. But when we clean, we're likely going to notice a lot of little areas on our trim and on our walls that need to be touched up! Dings, scratches, gouges . . . how do we fix them quickly and effectively? We've got the answers!

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