Episode 238: The Wishbone's Strange History, Holiday Survival Guide, Brilliant Gift Recommendations

SEGMENT 1: The Wishbone's Strange History

We all know the Thanksgiving tradition of two people pulling apart the wishbone to see who gets the wish . . . but do you know where this strange tradition comes from? Tune in to find out!

SEGMENT 2: Holiday Survival Guide

Whether you're a person who enjoys big Holiday gatherings or not, they can be a little stressful. We put together a Holiday Survival Gide that is sure to make family gatherings more enjoyable for both hosts and guests.

SEGMENTS 3 and 4: Brilliant Gift Recommendations

This is our 5th Annual Gift Guide and Dan is trying desperately to "win". Sadly, he comes up short again . . . .

Gifts for the Whole Family

Hailey: Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park Family Membership

Dan: Home Theater (you can do it well AND cheaper than you may think!)

Gifts for Kids and Teens

Hailey: (Kids) Dinosaur Explorer Gift set. But it's not just the set . . . get other related items and create a world!

Dan: (Teens) A Mysterious Package Experience. You'll receive a package (or multiples) in the mail and within, you'll find letters, documents, artifacts and more that tell an unfolding story or mystery that you are challenged to solve!

Gifts for the Hard-To-Buy-For Person

Hailey: Snacks from around the world! Pick a country and receive a package of their favorite snacks.

Dan: An Audible Subscription. Give the gift of books on audio. Yes, it's a digital gift and no it doesn't have a lot of flair . . . but it does have "staying power"! This is the kind of gift that will likely be used ALL year long. Personally, I've listened to over 27 books in the last year . . . some of which (Anna Karenina, I'm looking at you) I don't think I'd have made it through if I was reading on my own . . . .

Gifts for Adults

Hailey: The gift they ALWAYS wanted as a child. Hailey goes for the nostalgia factor here and suggests finding a fun gift someone always wanted but never received. Her example is the famous (perhaps infamous) Red Ryder BB gun!

Dan: A membership (or several-month pass) to a gym. YES, I know this is an incredibly difficult gift to give. You have to be smart, suave, and tactful because nothing could say, "hey, you're not exactly good enough as you are . . . why not try this?" quite like a gym membership. So maybe it's a gift you give yourself! But still, as we head into winter, getting out and exercising can really make you feel a lot better!

A Unique Gift

Hailey: A Float Tank experience at PHLOT in Grand Rapids. It's a sensory-depravation experience and Hailey claims it's the most relaxing experience she's ever had! Also, it's remarkably good for people with chronic pain. So if you can get past the idea of spending an hour alone in the silent dark . . . this might be for you!

Dan: An Escape Room experience. We've talked about them on the show before . . . but escape rooms are just a TON of fun! You can find them in Grand Rapids, Holland, and at our favorite spot in Zeeland: Out of the Box Games, Toys, and Puzzles!

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