Episode 240: Hot Water Heater Fiasco, Quick Holiday Transformations, the Perfect Tree, and Our 2021 Christmas Contest!

SEGMENT 1: The Hot Water Heater Fiasco

Hot water heaters don't last forever! And when they go . . . well, they really can go! Dan's 10 year old hot water heater burst on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and in about 30 minutes the 1/2 the basement had an inch of water over the floor. On the show, we dug into some of the lessons learned . . . and really, it's all about being prepared.

Here are some ideas (and these work for ANY water-related fiasco):

  • Know how to shut down your water heater in case of an emergency
  • Locate the water shut off valves and make your whole family aware
  • Get a good wet/dry vac and a submersible pump (if you don't have a sump pump pit)
  • If you don't have a "go-to" plumber now, find one . . . when you don't have an emergency

SEGMENTS 2 and 3: Quick Holiday Transformations

There's not a ton of time left before Christmas and New Year's, so we didn't want to dig into all kinds of huge paint projects. Instead, we decided to focus on some quick transformations for you home.

SEGMENT 4: Christmas Tree 101

Hailey loves to pick out her Christmas tree every year . . . but every year, she forgets which kind is the right one for her. So today, she walks through some of the trees that we'll find when we go shopping as well as some pros and cons for each!

ALSO!!!! We launch our 2021 Christmas Sweepstakes. Find all the information in the segment!

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