Episode 241: Flushing the Water Heater, Miracle Dryer Balls, Wood Staining Tips, Christmas Contest Hints

SEGMENT 1: To Flush or Not to Flush?

Flushing the hot water heater is a common recommendation when you peruse DIY forums. However . . . there are a couple things to consider before you jump into that seemingly simple DIY project.

SEGMENT 2: Miracle Dryer Balls

Hailey is dealing with a lot of static electricity at home--especially in the laundry. And she's stumbled on a simple laundry room item that may help!

Check these Wool Dryer Balls out here!

SEGMENT 3: Wood Staining Tips

As we discuss in the segment, stains are sensitive! And by that, we mean the final color of any particular on wood stain is determined by more than just the color of liquid stain. We talk about all the things to pay attention to for great results every time!

SEGMENT 4: Christmas Contest Hints

Our Christmas Scavenger Hunt is in full swing right now! On this segment, we talk about all the cool stuff you and your family can do at the Muskegon Luge Sports Adventure Park (previously the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex). We also dish out a few more hints so you can enter our contest without having to travel!

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