Episode 250: Painting the Ceiling Like the Pros, Garage Heaters, Zombie-Defying Paint Kits

SEGMENT 1: Painting the Ceiling Like the Pros

Kevin Hermann from Benjamin Moore sits down with us to talk about how the pros paint ceilings!

  1. Use a ceiling paint -- not just a flat wall paint!
  2. Brush Cut the ENTIRE ceiling in first
  3. Keep a wet edge when rolling and work across the ceiling in 4' x 4' squares
  4. When you apply your second coat, roll the paint in the other direction (if you go East-West for the first coat, go North-South for the second)
  5. Don't overapply your paint
  6. Turn the heat down a little before you start!

Some products to consider:

  • RepcoLite's Elements Ceiling Paint
  • Benjamin Moore's Super Hide Zero
  • Benjamin Moore's Premium Ceiling Paint (great when you are painting with a color on your ceiling).

SEGMENTS 2 and 3: Garage Heaters

Hailey has big plans to turn her garage into an art studio. Thing is . . . we live in Michigan. And that means she has to find a way to heat it in the winter and cool it in the summer. Here are some of the heaters/air conditioners she's found that might work...

SEGMENT 4: Zombie-Defying Paint Kits

Well. The whole zombie thing was just big talk. To be honest, there's not much these kits will do in that event. However, if you do a fair amount of painting at home, having a stocked set of supplies ready to go can really save your project. We explain how....

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