Episode 251: The Power of Pickles, Skip's Painting: An Origin Story, & the Best Paint We've Ever Used: Optima

SEGMENT 1: The Power of Pickles

Pickles and pickle juice may have some remarkable health benefits! Here are just a few!

SEGMENTS 2 and 3: Skip's Painting--An Origin Story

We sit down with Dan Schipper from Skip's Painting to talk about Aura Bath and Spa and Scuff-X from Benjamin Moore. However, along the way we end up the importance of finding satisfaction in the work we do....

SEGMENT 4: Our NEW Favorite Paint!

We knew RepcoLite's new OPTIMA was a tremendous wall paint, but we had no idea how remarkable it really is! Hailey put it to the test on a tough project in her dining room and was stunned at the workability, hide, and coverage it offered as she went from white walls, to a deep blue.

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