Episode 253: Where's the Paint?, Carpet Trends 2022, Picture Rails, Avoiding Finish Regret

SEGMENT 1: Where's the Paint?

We sit down with Kevin Hermann from Benjamin Moore to talk about the state of the paint industry. Paint companies world-wide are struggling to some extent, to get the raw ingredients necessary to make paint. What's going on? How are things looking? And when's it going to get better?

SEGMENT 2: Carpet Trends 2022

In this segment, Nick Sargent from Johnson Carpet One in Grandville joins us to talk about what 2022 will bring in terms of carpet styles.

SEGMENT 3: Picture Rails

Dan hung some art in his living room and couldn't, for the life of him, get the pieces in the right spot. So he kept adjusting and moving them and pounding new holes in the wall. In the end, his plaster walls looked like they were they scene for a mob hit. That led him into a long internet search and he ran into an old design concept that might be worth a new look: Picture Rails.

SEGMENT 4: Avoiding Finish Regret

There are a LOT of paint finishes out there. And finding the right one for your project isn't always easy. We walk through the basics AND give away a Bluetooth Speaker to a lucky listener along the way. (And yes, for some reason, we end up referring to it all segment long as a radio. We don't know why....)

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