Episode 254: Paint Cleanup, the State of the Real Estate Market, Paint Superheroes

SEGMENT 1: Paint Clean Up

Spring's here and, for many of us that means Spring Cleaning . . . . So, with that in mind, we talk about some proper ways to dispose of paint tools and also answer one of the the most common questions we receive: "Do you dispose of unwanted latex paint?" The answer is "Yes!" and we've got all the details on this segment.

SEGMENTS 2 and 3: The State of Real Estate

The Real Estate market is still crazy! Maybe even crazier than it was a year ago. To get the scoop on what it looks like out there, we sit down with Sue Prins and Ginger Herman from Sue Prins Group Five Star Real Estate.

SEGMENT 4: Paint Superheroes

The supply chain is causing all kinds of shortages world wide. And, of course, this even trickles down to paint. For years now, we've spent many segments lauding all the positives of Paint Superheroes like Scuff-X and Advance from Benjamin Moore. BUT, as the ability to get those products becomes tougher, it's important to point out that there are TONS of great products out there with their own super powers. If you need an alternative to a paint product, we've got answers!

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