Episode 258

Peeling Paint and Buzzing Bees

SEGMENT 1: Lead Paint Dilemma

Hailey's older home has some peeling paint and is in need of some work. However . . . the whole project took a turn when she discovered that the existing paint is lead based. We discuss what the project looks like now and all the things you need to know if you're in the same situation.

SEGMENTS 2 and 3: Beekeeping 101

Recently Hailey started considering a new hobby: beekeeping! To get her feet underneath her she attended a meeting hosted by the Grand Rapids Bee Club and was blown away by all the info presented.

SEGMENT 4: Steel Door Facelift

A listener posted a question regarding her front door--a steel door with badly peeling paint. She wanted to know what she needs to do to get it looking great again! It's a terrific project with a big payoff and we cover all the bases....

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