Episode 259

8 Steps to Staying on Budget for your Next Project!

SEGMENT 1: Stain or Paint?

We received a great question from a listener regarding some cedar columns outside his home. They're bare wood and he wants them white . . . what's the process, and what products should he be using: Solid Color Stain or Paint?

SEGMENTS 2 & 3: 8 Steps to Staying on Budget for Your Next Project

Andy Yates from Andy Yates Design joins us to discuss 8 ways to stay on budget. With supply shortages and rising prices, this is critical info if you're starting, or thinking about starting, a home renovation or a new build!

SEGMENT 4: Hailey's New Best Friend, Lomi

Hailey has replaced her inner circle of friends with a new favorite: an appliance named Lomi. Lomi is a countertop composter . . . and Hailey adores it.

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