Episode 264

The Butter Zone, Peel-n-Stick Wallpaper Recant, Ego Lawn Equipment Revisited, the Saugatuck Antique Pavilion

SEGMENT 1: The Butter Zone

Two things are accomplished--sort of--in this segment! First, if you had grubs on your yard last fall, NOW's the time to treat for them. Secondly . . . Dan has a new refrigerator and it doesn't seem to be functioning correctly. So . . . he's placed a thermometer inside. This is both a great idea and a terrible idea. We'll tell you why!

SEGMENT 2: Peel-N-Stick Wallpaper Recant

Several weeks ago, we recommended that you DO NOT use Peel-n-Stick wallpaper on a full room installation. We based that conclusion on a personal experience. However, a few weeks later, we had another personal experience and now, we've changed our minds dramatically.


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SEGMENT 3: EGO Yard Equipment Revisited

A year ago or so, Hailey and I both jumped into EGO battery-powered lawn equipment. And initially, we LOVED it. However . . . it's been a year. How do we feel about it all now?

Learn more about EGO here!

SEGMENT 4: The Saugatuck Antique Pavilion

We LOVE to highlight area businesses that stand out! The Saugatuck Antique Pavilion is another one. If you love shopping for antiques and haven't been here . . . it's time to plan a day trip.

Learn more about the Saugatuck Antique Pavilion here!

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