Episode 342

Getting Professional Caulking Results; Design Trends for 2024 with Andy Yates

On Today's Episode

Dan and Hailey discuss some practical tips so you can get professional results the next time you caulk.

Then, design expert, Andy Yates joins the show to discuss upcoming design trends for 2024, including a resurgence of a more organic, 70s-inspired aesthetic paired with the technology of smart homes. Finally, they break down how homeowners can approach their design projects and how to ensure their home reflects their personal style.

Getting Professional Results When Caulking [00:00 - 08:18]

Dan and Hailey review the importance of caulking during home improvement projects, highlighting four key reasons for caulking around houses. Then, they dig into some crucial tips that will help you get professional results when caulking even if you're new to the skill!


  • 00:01 Introduction and Casual Conversation
  • 00:27 Introduction to the Show and Upcoming Topics
  • 00:36 Discussion on Weather and Pets
  • 01:36 Introduction to Guest Speaker and Design Trends
  • 02:20 Caulking Tips and Tricks
  • 03:41 How to Get Great Results with Caulking
  • 06:10 Practical Tips for Caulking
  • 08:04 Closing Remarks and Teaser for Next Segment

Design Trends for 2024 with Andy Yates [18:58 - 32:34]

Dan and Hailey are joined by Andy Yates from Andy Yates Design. They discuss the upcoming trends in design for 2024, including a resurgence of 1970s decor and a blending of different eras. Andy shares his insights into the future of interior design, emphasizing textures and a move towards softer, more muted colors.

Additionally, they discuss the increasing integration of smart technology into homes and how homeowners should use research to figure out which design elements best fit their personal aesthetic. Importantly, they underscore the need for a home's interior to reflect the owner's personal style and taste exactly. They wrap up by discussing how to bring together all elements of design in a coherent way that works for the homeowner.

  • 08:20 Introduction and Welcoming Guest
  • 08:45 Discussing Design Predictions for 2024
  • 09:41 Exploring Trends in Finishes and Materials
  • 10:42 The Influence of Texture in Design
  • 11:57 The Resurgence of 70s and 80s Design Aesthetics
  • 12:27 The Impact of Younger Consumers on Design Trends
  • 19:39 The Role of Technology in Modern Home Design
  • 30:01 Practical Tips for Homeowners Starting a Design Project
  • 38:49 Conclusion and Contact Information

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