Episode 343

Too Much Screen Time?; Cleaning Miracles: Steamers & Cordless Vacuums; Is My Paint Still Good?; Caulk Q&A

On Today's Episode

Dan and Hailey discuss the effects of screen time on mental and physical health, exampling its addictive nature. The conversation shifts to cleaning, with specific sections dedicated to using steam cleaners and cordless vacuums. From there, they talk about how you can determine if the paint in your garage or basement is still good as well as how you should store paint so it remains in good condition. Finally, they cover a few caulk questions from listeners.

00:00 Introduction and Show Overview

01:35 The Impact of Screen Time on Our Lives

04:36 Exploring the Dangers of Interactive Screen Time

06:53 The Influence of Technology on Our Daily Lives

15:35 The Power of a Steam Cleaner

22:23 The Joy of a Cordless Vacuum

24:50 The Pros and Cons of Cordless Vacuums

27:53 The Unexpected History of Carrots

29:47 The Strange Trend of Butter in Coffee

30:26 The Importance of Proper Paint Storage

30:57 The Dangers of Using Bad Paint

32:24 The Proper Way to Store and Use Paint

33:19 The Difference Between Caulk and Spackle

33:58 The Importance of Using the Right Caulk

35:18 The Proper Way to Store and Use Caulk

40:56 The Big Game Contest Announcement

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