Episode 291

Give Yourself A Break! (And Other Lessons We Learned in 2022)

On Today's Episode

Rodents and PEX Piping [00:00 - 06:37]

PEX piping is becoming more and more popular and for good reason! There are a ton of pros to using PEX . However, there is one BIG CON. Dan and Hailey discuss how to avoid running into problems if you have PEX plumbing in your home. 

Are You Paying More for Your Water Than You Should? [06:38 - 19:00]

Dan and Hailey are Joined by Mark from Great Lakes Plumbing to discuss plumbing maintenance and common signs that you have a plumbing issue that is costing you money every month!

Give Yourself a Break (and Other Lessons from 2022) [19:01 - 39:31]

As we say goodbye to 2022, Dan and Hailey look back at the year and discuss the most important lessons they learned. If you’re a DIY’er or an aspiring DIY’er, these are  rules to live by.

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