Episode 290

The RepcoLite Christmas Extravaganza

On Today's Episode

The History of the Christmas Orange[00:00 - 08:12]

Many of us decorate with oranges for Christmas. A few of us even continue the tradition of giving them out as gifts. But where does that tradition come from? Hailey has some answers....

The History of Snowmen [08:13 - 18:59]

Snowmen are not a new concept. In fact . . . SOME archaeologists postulate that they were possibly a favorite past time of primitive man! We've got the whole story here!

A Christmas Carol [19:00 - 30:55]

Dan's favorite Christmas tradition is watching every rendition of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" that he can find! It's a great little Christmas story AND, surprisingly, it quite possibly inspired the Christmas celebrations we enjoy today!

Also, as promised, here are a list of Dan's favorite movie versions:

Finally, here's the play we found online!

Christmas Memories and Contest Winners [30:55 - 39:30]

Before we announce our contest winners from our big Christmas Giveaway, we reminisce about some of our favorite (and most brutal) Christmases!

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