Last Minute Cleaning and Touch-up Tips for the Holidays

On Today's Episode

Unable to get a new show together for the weekend, we went back into the archives and found this one from two years ago to the day. It's all about getting your home ready for the upcoming holidays and . . . winter!

Make Your Home Sparkle for Thanksgiving [00:00 - 09:35]

We've got some basic cleaning tips and tricks as well as some product recommendations so you can get your house looking great for your guests!

Getting Your Home Ready for Winter with Ayers [09:36 - 30:59]

Zack from Ayer's Basement Systems joins us to talk about what we should do to make sure our basements and crawlspaces are ready for winter.

11th Hour Touch-Ups [31:00 - 39:26]

As we get closer to the holidays, we all find we've got less and less time to get our homes ready! We already talked about some cleaning tips at the beginning of the show. Now we'll focus on a number of quick touch-up tricks to help you get your trim and walls looking great with as little effort as possible!

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