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Saving Money on Groceries, Exterior Color Help 101, I'm A Hypocrite...

On Today's Episode

Groceries (and everything else) are getting extremely expensive. Today, we talk briefly about some of our tried-and-true money-saving tips when it comes to stocking the pantries.

We'll also be taking a deep dive into some color theory and talk about how to choose exterior colors like a pro!

Finally . . . we need to address an elephant in the room: Dan's a hypocrite. But chances are, he's not the only one . . . .

Saving Money on Groceries [00:00 - 05:31]

When it comes to saving money at the grocery register, the best thing you can do is plan those meals!

Yes, it's work. No, it's not fun . . . but when you sit down and plan out the meals for the week, working out all the ingredients necessary, and then make your purchases based on that plan . . . you dramatically cut down on the unnecessary purchases. Before doing this, I was always buying one-off items that made sense as I stood in the store trying to imagine what the meals would be. But later, when they sit in my pantry, I realize they're not a meal. And they're not a part of any of the meals I actually made. They're just extra. Maybe I'll use them eventually . . . but I don't want to spend money on food I'm maybe going to use eventually.

Along these same lines, another easy way to save money is to make use of your local grocery store's online order and curbside pick-up system. If your store offers this, it's a crazy simple way to save money. I order online, arrange a time to pick up the items, and then am in and out in 5 minutes. I never set foot in the store and I'm never buying the extra add-ons that I don't really need. Yes, I sometimes miss out on some special prices, but I'll trade that for the savings on ridiculously unnecessary trinkets and gadgets that I'm currently enjoying!

Another idea that's counter to common thought on this regard is to avoid buying in bulk. I'm sure it works for some people. Maybe it works for most people. But for me, when I do it . . . all it means is that my kids eat in bulk.

The most recent example is a box of 38 granola bars. Normally we buy the box that has 10 of them in it. And it lasts a week. But recently, I found the big box. The Bulk Box. The Box of the gods. And so I snagged it, knowing that now we would have granola bars for weeks and weeks. Yes, I knew the kids might tend to want to eat them quickly, but I also knew that with a quick conversation and some reasoning, they would see that by limiting their intake, we would save money as a family.

So I put the box in the cupboard, explained the situation to the kids, and then, amidst much nodding and agreeing, we went our separate ways. Two days later the box was empty. Even I hadn't listened to myself. The lure of 38 granola bars was too enticing. I think I ate 14 of them myself.

Bottom line . . . when we have an abundance of something . . . we treat it like we're rolling in cash. That we'll never run out. And we eat it faster than when we have a smaller amount we need to stretch.

There are tons of other ways to save money. We're not experts. We know what works for us, but if you've got a system that's utterly brilliant and you'd like to share it with the world (or at least with us) please reach out: radio@repcolite.com!

Exterior Color Help 101 [05:32 - 33:12]

Choosing colors for the exterior of your home (or for an outbuilding of any kind) is stressful! You want to get it right because it's a big area to paint and a big investment . . . but also because everyone in your neighborhood is watching to see your results.

Here is a quick look at some of the details we cover in the podcast:

COLORS WILL LOOK LIGHTER OUTSIDE. Lighting and scale dramatically affect the appearance of colors outside. Because the sun is the ultimate light source and because colors outside are usually painted on much larger areas, they end up looking much lighter than we may expect--sometimes as much as three "shades" or more. So, if you're looking at a color chip with 8 different gradations of color and you really want that middle color . . . chances are, once it's on your house, it's going to look more like the top color. So choose accordingly!

NARROW DOWN YOUR CHOICES USING YOUR ROOF. It's important to sample colors for outdoor projects by actually painting them on the surface you're going to paint. However, before you jump into buying 12 sample 1/2 pints . . . you've got to narrow down your choices! Not only will that save you money, it will also help you stay sane in the process. Too many options doesn't help anyone.

Fortunately, you can really narrow down the options by simply looking at the roof. Here are a couple of quick tips to help:

  • THE ROOF COLOR SHOULD BE THE DARKEST COLOR. Darker colors recede in our visual field while lighter colors come forward. You don't want the roof to be the thing everyone notices first! So let that be the darker of the colors.
  • ROOF TEMPERATURE CAN HELP WITH COLORS. If the roof is a warm color, (brown, beige, some orange), look for warm colors for the house: warm whites, beiges, taupes, yellows, red, pink, etc. If the roof is a cool color like gray, then look for grays, blues, greens and plums. You don't have to follow this rule . . . but it can really simplify the process.

SAMPLE. SAMPLE. SAMPLE. The most important rule of thumb for picking colors for an exterior is to sample! Once you've narrowed your choices down to a few options, pick up some Benjamin Moore color samples and actually apply the paint to the surface of your home. This will get you the most accurate visual. Just remember to wait until the paint is dry before you make a decision.

On the episode, we cover a LOT more information including how to pick colors for specific areas of the house like your front doors, your foundation, your garage door, and your trim. Check out the podcast for all that info and more!

I'm A Hypocrite [33:12 - 39:12]

Ahh. It's never fun to admit . . . but I'd rather bring it up than let Hailey do it! Just a couple weeks ago she had a problem with her air conditioner and I dished out all kinds of great advice. I even chastised her (gently, of course) about not replacing her furnace filter regularly and for not making sure that the outdoor condenser unit is free from grass clippings and assorted airborne debris.

Well, after my lecture, she went home, took care of those things, and found her problem was solved!

Then, two days later, I had the same problem. And had done NONE of the things I told her about!

I mean well. But life got the best of me. And then that same weekend, something I told everyone to do on the show--to clean out your gutters--came back to bite me in the bottom as well.

I think I learned my lesson. But I guess time will tell!

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