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The Only White Paint Color You'll Ever Need!

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Do you remember colored toilet paper?? We discuss the strange history of colorful and patterned toilet paper and debate whether we will see a resurgence as colorful bathrooms are coming back in style! We've also got your next fall list to get you prepped for the shorter days that are upon us. Plus, a quick project that will make your winter less stressful. Finally we will be talking about the only white paint color you will ever need!

Toilet Paper [00:00 - 08:54]

We have discussed the colorful and polarizing history of bathrooms before but we left out the cherry on top! In the 1950's bathrooms were very focused on color as sinks, toilets and tubs became available in wide range of pastels. However, those fixtures were just the start. Not only would a bathroom of had a pink set of fixtures they would have had matching tile, floors, wallpaper, rugs and the cherry on top toilet paper! That's right! Colorful toilet paper was a staple of bathroom design until the 1980's because who could endure the eyesore of a white roll within a perfectly curated room?

So where did these colorful rolls go? Why did they go?

There are a few theories:

  1. The dyes in the toilet paper were an environmental concern .
  2. The dyes in the toilet paper were irritating peoples skin and Dr. starting advising people use white toilet paper.
  3. Colorful bathrooms were on the way out and toilet paper went out along side them.

With colorful bathroom fixtures becoming available again and recent paint color trends becoming more colorful...could we see a resurgence of colorful toilet paper?

Hailey recently found pink rolls available at IKEA and is making a prediction we will start seeing more!

Dan is all in and ready to find out if we will also see a resurgence of unsightly rashes...

The List [08:55 - 18:58]

Light up your Yard and walkways

Daylight hours are shrinking and it's always helpful to be able to see where you are going in the morning and evening hours! Especially when you are lugging a million kid bags along with you.

This is also a great security measure! Most home invasions happen during the fall and winter months because its darker.  Don't give them the cover of darkness.

Here is a list to get you started:

  • Check all your outdoor lights and make sure they are working
  • Replace bulbs as necessary
  • If you don't have motion sensing lights, consider installing them 
  • Pathway lights are also extremely helpful but don't cheap out! Hailey advises against the affordable packs of plastic pathway lights found on amazon.

** Dan Warning** If you decide to get motion sensing lights remember that these will be set off by EVERYTHING. Dan had to turn his off because he was constantly on guard... so this is a reminder to know yourself... if they will make you MORE anxious, skip them.

Smart garage door openers?

Dan's parents picked up a Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Control System last year and they still love it! This system allows you to open, close and monitor the door with your phone. Its easy to set up and only costs $20.

So many benefits!

  • Let people in when you need to . . . and ensure the door is closed when they leave 
  • Give the neighbors access when YOU want instead of giving out a passcode or a key
  • Will send alerts when doors open or if they’ve been left open for an extended period of time
  • Make a time schedule for lights to go on or off when you are out of town.
  • Schedule the garage door opens and closes at same time every day
  • With certain vehicles you can achieve hands-free entrance to the garage! 
  • It can be set up to alert you if the remote start function is activated on the vehicle with the garage door closed

Critter defense!

  • Now's the time! Take a walk around your home and look for any potential points of entry. Seal them up using copper mesh--$16 a roll!
  • Also . . . doesn't hurt to set up some mouse traps just make sure to check them periodically. 
  • Great tip:
  • Use snap traps
  • and put the bait UNDER the triggering pad--make them work for it.
  • If you don't want to use peanut butter, try stuffing pits of fabric or cotton under that trigger 
  • they'll want it for their nests . . .

Cover up that AC!

  • Plywood over the top
  • Don't use tarps! They attract critters to make a home in them.

Prepare your Entryway for Winter [18:58 - 30:26]

Start With a Seasonal Shuffle

Go through all of your coats and jackets & move the lightweight stuff out of the prime real-estate areas! You can have a big convenient coat closet but if its packed to the brim it only creates stress. Move as much out of the closet as possible and put things in storage.

Pare Down

After moving all your spring and fall stuff . . .it's time to go through all your winter gear; coats, hats, gloves, scarves and boots. If there are things you didn't wear last year or that you no longer need its time to DONATE those items to those who do need them. Holding on to gloves that are missing its mate? time to get rid of it. Reducing the AMOUNT of stuff you've got means you'll have LESS to deal with once Winter gets into full swing.

Solve the Boot Problem

For Dan's house--biggest problem is snow-covered boots. In the entry, the snow melts and puddles everywhere. In the garage, they're FREEZING cold and nobody wants to put them on.

Here's a 3-Step Solution: 

  1. Get a rough, bristled mat for outside the door or get a bristled boot cleaning station. Do what you can to get the snow and muck OFF the boots BEFORE you even step foot in the house.
  2. Get a good rug that can take some abuse!
  3. Invest in some boot trays! 
  • What about putting stones in the bottom?
  • Allow the boots to drip and drain
  • but won't look as messy as the boot trays I've got -- YUCK.

Dry Those Gloves and Hats

Another big issue that comes with winter is gloves and hats that don't dry out. They are always soggy and wet when you need them and it's like using the wet towel after a shower . . . nobody wants that! Find a solution that really works and fits your space.  

  • Wire racks
  • Electric drying stations
  • Simple DIY solution; a board with a bunch of clothes pins attached to hold gloves and hats

Make It Convenient

Consider creating a spot to sit down so you don't have to struggle when gearing up for the winter world!

The Only White Paint Color You'll Ever Need [30:26 - 39:07]

Almost everyone has white paint in their homes somewhere and yet this is one of the hardest colors to pick! Often times people pick the whitest white they can find and run into all kinds of problems.

  • Bright whites colors do not hide well and often require more coats of paint.
  • They leave a space feeling cold and sterile.
  • Bright whites show more dust, dirt and finger prints.

The other problem that makes it hard to find the right white is strong undertones that make the color look too yellow or too gray.

Benjamin Moore's White Dove; OC-17, solves all of those problems!

  • Neutral undertones that create depth so it looks beautiful and soft
  • Covers well
  • It won't look stark
  • Hides some of that dust

This is an iconic color, known for being a perfect neutral. A touch of both warm and cool tones create depth that is soft and pairs perfectly with any hue.

Benjamin Moore's 2024 Color Trends features White Dove and yet this color is the opposite of trendy; it is timeless.

White Dove can be used ANYWHERE!

Great color to use for the whole house. If you are looking for a color to use with accent colors or colorful furnishings White dove is a great backdrop.

White Dove is also the most popular white for cabinets for a clean classic look. White cabinets will never really go out of style but you want to make sure you choose the RIGHT white

White dove is a perfect for a trim color for the whole house if you are looking for a color that will pair well with a variety of colors throughout your home.

White Dove is the only white paint color you will ever need!

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