Episode 302

The Pros and Cons of Induction Stoves

On Today's Episode

The Review Review [00:00 - 11:36]

We revisit a few of our previous reviews and recommendations to see if they stood the test of time.

Lomi Countertop Composter

You can check out our original segment on Lomi down below. But the long and short of it is . . . after nearly a year of ownership, the luster has worn off a bit! The Lomi unit is great and does exactly what it's supposed to do . . . it's just that Hailey doesn't find herself using it for a variety of reasons.

GOVEE Humidifier and Hygrometer

Another product we initially loved was the GOVEE Humidifier and Bluetooth Hygrometer. In this case, after a winter of use, Dan still LOVES it. There are a lot of different sizes available, but for the small room Dan needed to humidify, this has worked flawlessly. The Hygrometer works with the Humidifier to keep the room at a constant relative humidity of about 48-50%. And when the water is low . . . the GOVEE unit sends an alert through a phone app. Check out the original review below as well as the items themselves!

Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray

A final product we looked at, back in February, is this dish spray you've probably seen commercials for. Hailey loved it back in February and since then, Dan's given it a try. After nearly a couple months of use, Dan agrees: this stuff is good . . . but he, of course, has found a cheaper solution that works for him . . . .

Hand Cleaner VS. Silly Putty [11:37 - 18:59]

Hailey's friend, Amber visited and accidentally left a little silly putty embedded in the new rug in the nursery. Fortunately a great little hand cleaner was able to remove it in seconds.

And while we know silly putty in carpets isn't terribly common . . . this hand cleaner is great for cleaning up after paint and stain projects (latex AND oil), automotive work, small engine repair . . . you name it! It's a great product and is worth a look. Check out the link below:

The Pros and Cons of Induction Stoves [18:59 - 32:07]

Induction cooking is not new, but a lot of us are unfamiliar with the technology. Or, if we know about it, we may only know one side of the story!

Before you run out to snatch up an induction stove AND before you discount them as something you'd never want, check out the pros and cons. No matter which side of the fence you're on, we think you'll be (at least a little) surprised.

Superhero Spotlight: STIX Primer [32:07 - 39:19]

STIX primer from Insl-X (a Benjamin Moore company), is a bonding primer that solves paint problems all day long!

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